March 9, 1919 Sunday

Slept in till 2 A.M. Much needed sleep. Studied all day. Let C.E. meeting on temperance ques. Spoke at Demob service at church. Did well. 44 stars - 10 men present. Took Wavers to Westlake. Letter to Clarence Russ & Daisy.

March 8, 1919 Saturday

Work till 12 - then home & clean up quick and to barber., to Liberty bond chief to F.M.C. met Myrtle Rowe just in from Renton got of car. She and her sister and Sgt. Kaneo to Paw

March 7, 1919 Friday

Rain everyday for a month. Are tearing down brewery across the way from us. To library to write up talks. Company at home playing cards. I was too busy.

March 6, 1919 Thursday

To Russian class in evening 6 to 9. Stayed for both classes. At work I am doing benchwork sitting on a stool. Lack exercise. Solder & make coils.

March 5, 1919 Wednesday

Studied at work. Getting to be habit. Gave talk at public speaking class on "World Finance." Did better than before. To library for a while. To Strand "Boots"

March 4, 1919 Tuesday

Disappointed becasue raise in pay did not take effect till March 1. Election day. Polled my first votes for councilman Moore, Thomson & Fitzto Ea Nutter & Willard after work.

March 3, 1919 Monday

Mr. Weaver was over. He said Clarence had been discharged and could come home. He is making $125 a month making pictures. Russian class. No time to write letters.

March 2, 1919 Sunday

Worked on car. Fixed speedo. To Liberty alone then to C.E. Named leader for next Sunday. Home to study. Got a tough week coming. 2 Russian classes & 3 speeches.

March 1, 1919 Saturday

Paid auto license fee of $10 for 1920. Got # 15 because I was one of first ones. Office force got up to #12. To work until 12 - then downtown errands. Went shopping for house. To Moore Valeska Swatt & to Bon with Dode Conner. fine gal Blemma.

February 28, 1919 Friday

Last day of the month. Much rain of late. Spent a night at home writing and pressing clothes. Got blanks for auto license to fill out at home. Fred is never home evenings hardly.

February 27, 191 Thursday

Used bus to work again. Saves much time. Never get tired at work altho work fast and steady. Home and shave changed clothes & eat and back to town by 6 for Russian class. Stayed till 9.

February 26, 1919 Wednesday

63rd C.A.C. arrive in New York. Much rain again. Took street car but on time this time. Public speaking class. I talked 5 minutes on court martial. Made date with Erma Doerror for Senior Ball. Mel & with Dode Conner.

February 25,1919 Tuesday

Late by 10 min. took streetcar for the 1st time. Rainy. Pay-day. At 4-20 asked for a raise in pay, at 4-30 granted, starting yesterday. $60 voted to each service man by Congress. Out with Thomp for last time. Don't agree.

February 24, 1919 Monday

To work after a two day rest. Studied Russian vocabulary during lunch half hour, Lacked time to study. Willard was over. He's a steel guitar hound.

February 23, 1919 Sunday

Occured at 2nd and Pine. Bent fender broke headlight lens, bent starting crank & radiator fins. Straightened all out today. Dad better today. Got to C.E. too late so went to Lib & Strand actress.

February 22, 1919 Saturday

WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. No workee. Slept late then too a drive to Silver lake with Miss Linder picked ferns and pussy willows. I bumped into a machine at 10 P.M. First accident------

February 21, 1919 Friday

To MC & Southwick dance with Bill and Fred. Danced till 1. Had fair time. Took a flock of folks home. Looked in at four other dances.

February 20, 1919 Thursday

Work & to Russian class.

February 19, 1919 Wednesday

More work. Skipped public speaking class because of no preparation for talk. To Liberty with Willard, saw "Girl Dodger" Dad in bed with Pleurisy.

February 18, 1919 Tuesday

Pay day (not in Navy either) Out with Miss Thompson. Lots of fun. I drive to and from work. One man always rids to town with me and sometimes more.

Februry 17, 1919 Monday

To work at 8 now. Sailor guards leave the plant. I have been on three jobs already and ma still learning others. Soldering coils. Russian class.

February 16, 1919 Sunday

Studied for a few hours then to C.E. and home again to read some more. Mabel was over for dinner.

February 15, 1919 Saturday

Work only till 11-30 on Saturday. Took ma down to dentist. Then on errands about town myself. Met Bill & Willard. Went to Lotus Club dance with Miss Thompson also to dance at Benson's.

February 14, 1919 Friday

Up early at 6-15. Work at 7-30. To start on new job at Kilbourne & Clarke Mfg. Co. makers of wireless sets. Foremen of assembly dept , Roll is Chief Radio Electrician from France. Card from Clarence.

February 13, 1919 Thursday

Worked on car- reverse and fasteners. To town, to Ford M. Co, to J.A. saw all the old teachers I knew, there. Russian class. Brot flowers & candy-flowers for Clarence to Anita P. an ideal girl spent evening with her.

February 12, 1919 Wednesday

LINCOLN'S OWN. Business more normal. Got a job at Kilbourne-Clarke Friday if I wish to take it. Make wireless sets. Took Fred down later, not hired but told him to come back. To Liberty. First speech in Public Speaking "Life in the Navy."

February 11, 1919 Tuesday

Big letter from Clarence with pictures. General strike busted. Only B.B.'s are out. Painted Anna's room for her. That is the floor. Took Fred, Mabel & Anna with me to banquet. Dinner was a success. $55 taken in. Good program. Waited on tables. All went out to Eva's house.

February 10, 1919 Monday

Encouraging letter from Gulowsen-Gree Engine co. To Russian class. Don't study enough ion it so don't get very far. Don't seem to find the time. Frank Cleary, Ev Muller, Dode Lynch & I made ready with chairs & tables for banquet to pay for indirect lights, tomorrow night.

February 9, 1919 Sunday

Up late. Studied & read; then to C.E. Fine bunch of young folks as I have remarked before. Gone with them on to six years. Took some of the folks home. Read & studied in evening.

February 8, 1919 Saturday

Papers our for Sunday. Heavy rain. Nice to walk in. I went over to Francis Powers house to spend evening played steel guitar & looked at pictures. Exciting start of another cold. Too warm in apartment.

February 7, 1919 Friday

No papers except star. Things grow deader about town. Jim & Bill Gramlis & Elua, myself & two other girls went to Knickerbocker dance at K.C. Carried gun in car at Bill's request. Drove everyone home & myself by 2:30.

February 6, 1919 Thursday

Fred & I up to Gramlis house. Big strike. Business at a standstill. No street cars. Everybody walks except those with autos. I was sworn in as emergency policemen at request. Offered to serve as driver for tel. co. Had enough.

February 5, 1919 Wednesday

Stored in about 20 gallons of gas and food supplies preparatory for big strike. It will kill Seattle should the general strike last long. Public speaking class.

February 4, 1919 Tuesday

Shipyard strike commences. I was down town. All shipworkers seemed to be down walking up and down the side walks.

February 3, 1919 Monday

General strike set for 10 a.m. Thursday. Wrote 3 letters, studied Russian then to town on a business bent. To Russian class as usual. Used free ad column in times to get best job to be had but strike queers all.

February 2, 1919 Sunday

Out to visit Mrs. Weaver to talk about Clarence. Then to C.E. All the old timers there. Fine bunch of young people. Frank Powers & I went to Colis & to Bouchaerts' in evening.

February 1, 1919 Saturday

General strike impending. A NEW MONTH my how they do fly. to Clark-Baker & to Galowsen- Freida for jobs with Ed Bomstead. No job but nice fleirses. To U.W.-O game 19-13. Delivered a cake to winners. To S&S club with homer.

January 31, 1919 Friday

After attending to errands in town saw Moore & Pan on passes from the War Camp Community Service. These shows cost only my time. That's enough. Too much.

Janaury 30, 1919 Thursday

Got a puncture just when I was going job "speckulatin" so had to come home again. Saw Clemmer & Colis on passes. Russian. Called up Dot. Oh jolly, oh boy, where do we go from here.

January 29, 1919 Wednesday

Public speaking class. Worked at my desk before going down. Can find plenty to do without working so why work. Oh no. not exactly.

January 28, 1919 Tuesday

Worked on that eternal job or infernal machine for a while. Tightened up steering apparatus cart was rambling all over street. Studied a little Russianitch. Cut "cord" of wood mis

January 27, 1919 Monday

Father's birthday. Dad's birthday - 62nd. Also, E Kaiser's. He was well stocked up with cigars, so- To Russianitch class and to Oak - first and last time on a pass- no good.

January 26, 1919 Sunday

Wore civilians today. Up too late for church - practiced steel & read both Sunday papers, then to C.E. Society at Bethany for the first time for six months. Put on entertainment committee so I'd come back I guess. To Liberty with Frank powers to Boucharts & Beanery.

January 25, 1919 Saturday

Wore civilians to dance. Much rain - did a bit of shopping to movie then home - pressed suit & to Lutus Club dance at Masonic with Alice Lovall. Good time had by all. With Frank Powers later. Bed at 2.

Janaury 24, 1919 Friday

TOO MUCH RAIN- Floods all over. Helped Hodges repair car then to depot to meet Al Smith- train delayed. Then to movie show with Homer & to W.S.C. & W.W. basketball game W.S.C. won both

Janaury 23, 1919 Thursday

Over to F.M Co. nothing doing & 1st did 346 Field Art. comes home. Worked at home then to Russian class, Then with Homer Hodge & Ron Schmidt to S&S club dance. Had good time. Hodge had just returned from Camp Grant Ill.

January 22, 1919 Wednesday

Up after another good sleep. Attended public sp class, Put on my civilians for the first time since I entered navy. Stopped and bot hat, shoes, shirt, collar & neckwear. Felt uncomfortable.

Janaury 21, 1919 Tuesday

Fred & dad both home. Dad a day off. Fred on account of Shipyard strike. Lots of guards downtown. No violence tho. Practiced in steel guitar & studied Russian.

January 20, 1919 Monday

Changed tire, then drove out to college to look into course I want to take in October, invited Ed Bomstead over tomorrow night. Went over to Weavers not home. Homer Hodge back. Called up. Russian & pass to pants.

January 19, 1919 Sunday

Mrs. Weaver called up. Clarence coming on chaser. Up late because of rainy weather we have been having. Worked on car for 4 hours then got a flat tire right away. curses. To Colis & Liberty with Frank Powers. Called up Dot & B.

Juanuary 18, 1919 Satruday

Went after casings and put them on car. In evening had a little special coaching in Russian in order catch up with class. several weeks ahead. Danced at S&S club and Christensen's with Frank Powers & Jim Dailey.

January 17, 1919 Friday

Worked about house, cut kindling and finger. Studied some Russian. It is a punk language. Makes one sick at stomach to hear.

January 16, 1919 Thursday

Worked on car. Took off 2 casings and all five tubes brot them up to repair place. They could not repair casings Begun study of Russian at 6 o'clock then to show them to Umoff for coaching.

January 15, 1919 Wednesday

Still sleep late mornings. Took walk over to Ford plant. They stalled me off again. Worked about house. Anna home again from Anacortes.

January 14, 1919 Tuesday

Read some and mounted more pictures. Worked outside a bit. Was not so sick but lost a little in weight. Not as strong but strong enough.

Janaury 13, 1919 Monday

Up from now on. Continued to mount pictures and practiced on steel guitar. Feeling better since my appetite is back. Discharged my nurse-my mother.

January 12, 1919 Sunday

Up all day. Continued mounting pictures. Some large job. Spent hours at it. REad all the newspapers. Feeling better. Made map of Chelan trip.

January 11, 1919 Saturday

Up part of the day and commenced mounting my hundreds of pictures in my large album. Job I have wanted to do for a year. Feel better.

January 10, 1919 Friday

Stayed in bed and read more. Still have a cough and loss of voice and appetite but don't feel so bad. Glad Anna and all her company is away.

January 9, 1919 Thursday

Flu. Stayed in bed on account of cold. Developed a bad cough. Read O'Henry's Trimmed Lamp and others. Like his style of writing. Not much voice or appetite left.

January 8, 1919 Wednesday

'Teddy' buried. Stop work 5 minutes in house. Fine president salute of guns at forts. TOO MUCH HUMIDITY 100% for DAYS AND COLD. Up at 3:45 not much pep. Cold no better. Sore tonsils & chest first like it. Received insurance policy from government, took from October 5 to get here. Pays 57.50 per month for disability. Enjoyed reading and writing only.

January 7, 1919 Tuesady

Up at 2 PM. Mailed photos to Homer & Clarence. Days seem to go to waste. Felt that I had to attend to some business altho it did me no good. Had cylinder head welded & tapped out then paid up for 3 months of government insurance 19.50. I have 10,000 in favor of mother I believe that it is a good thing so I will continue. Bot various items & got my civilian overcoat from presser. Looked fine. Card from Clarence, Anna to Anacortes with Helen B.

January 6, 1919 Monday

Theodore Roosevelt died quietly of a hemorrhage blood clot on brain at home Sagamore Hill. Greatest & most original American since Lincoln Taft.

Up about 2 pm on account of cold. Getting bad. Did some shelving work in house & practiced on steel guitar. Easy to play with a little practice. How I dislike being sick. Feels like my blooming head would break- Wilson is making a hit in England France & Italy in the interests of peace speeches & receptions for him galore. No peace conference yet.

January 5, 1919 Sunday

Up at 12. Got dressed % cleaned up and off by 1:30. Was chauffeur at a christening, Miss Virginia Muriel Antoinette Spellmire. It was at a Catholic parish church. I went in and witnessed. Much squalling. Tom Kenny & his sister-in-law Mrs. Kenny were God parents. I had a royal chow with the Kenny's & tasted of the christening wine. Went to Colis & Clemmer with Fred. Both fine pictures but I should have stayed on account cold coming, soon.

January 4, 1919 Saturday

Up at 12. Home all day. And Saturday! Commenced to feel cold coming on and I thot fresh air would do it good. But it didn't. It was too cold and felt worse when I got thru. Cleaned carbon off of cylinder head & old pistons & valves and broke eyelet out of cylinder head casting. Called Ed Spellmire up and he borrowed a cylinder head from a garage man that I could use for a few days until I had mine welded. Did not make date for Oval Club dance at U. Felt bum anyway.

January 3, 1919 Friday

Up at 12 o'clock. Some sleeper. Cleaned plugs for the car. then took a trip out to college to get bulletin for course and know what to take next Sept. Stayed in house most of the day. Steel guitar is coming well to me. Wrote letter to Homer Hodge at Camp Grant

January 2, 1919, Thursday

Up at 1 PM. Hlen B here to visit Anna for a while. Drove to town. Gentleman of leisure. Haircut at civilian rates. Ha ha. Shopping. Civilian overcoat to cleaner and presser. Still in job clothes. Stood car too near a corner so -PINCHED- no fine- first time. Went over to F.M.C. to see chief clerk Case & Supt job. -will give me job at le per soon as possible. First chance. So will not attend "U"until September now. Had chat over phone with Bulger. card from Clarence lost. L home on 4th.

January 1, 1919, Wednesday

Slept till 1 PM. NO RESOLUTIONS (NOR BAD HABITS)? Celebrated till 6 am with Ruth S. danced at K.C. enlisted men's dance till 12:30 then at Masonic till 4:30. With 2 married couples. Her relatives me had breakfast at Thompson's at 5 AM. Beat them home in flurries.