January 8, 1919 Wednesday

'Teddy' buried. Stop work 5 minutes in house. Fine president salute of guns at forts. TOO MUCH HUMIDITY 100% for DAYS AND COLD. Up at 3:45 not much pep. Cold no better. Sore tonsils & chest first like it. Received insurance policy from government, took from October 5 to get here. Pays 57.50 per month for disability. Enjoyed reading and writing only.

January 7, 1919 Tuesady

Up at 2 PM. Mailed photos to Homer & Clarence. Days seem to go to waste. Felt that I had to attend to some business altho it did me no good. Had cylinder head welded & tapped out then paid up for 3 months of government insurance 19.50. I have 10,000 in favor of mother I believe that it is a good thing so I will continue. Bot various items & got my civilian overcoat from presser. Looked fine. Card from Clarence, Anna to Anacortes with Helen B.

January 6, 1919 Monday

Theodore Roosevelt died quietly of a hemorrhage blood clot on brain at home Sagamore Hill. Greatest & most original American since Lincoln Taft.

Up about 2 pm on account of cold. Getting bad. Did some shelving work in house & practiced on steel guitar. Easy to play with a little practice. How I dislike being sick. Feels like my blooming head would break- Wilson is making a hit in England France & Italy in the interests of peace speeches & receptions for him galore. No peace conference yet.

January 5, 1919 Sunday

Up at 12. Got dressed % cleaned up and off by 1:30. Was chauffeur at a christening, Miss Virginia Muriel Antoinette Spellmire. It was at a Catholic parish church. I went in and witnessed. Much squalling. Tom Kenny & his sister-in-law Mrs. Kenny were God parents. I had a royal chow with the Kenny's & tasted of the christening wine. Went to Colis & Clemmer with Fred. Both fine pictures but I should have stayed on account cold coming, soon.

January 4, 1919 Saturday

Up at 12. Home all day. And Saturday! Commenced to feel cold coming on and I thot fresh air would do it good. But it didn't. It was too cold and felt worse when I got thru. Cleaned carbon off of cylinder head & old pistons & valves and broke eyelet out of cylinder head casting. Called Ed Spellmire up and he borrowed a cylinder head from a garage man that I could use for a few days until I had mine welded. Did not make date for Oval Club dance at U. Felt bum anyway.

January 3, 1919 Friday

Up at 12 o'clock. Some sleeper. Cleaned plugs for the car. then took a trip out to college to get bulletin for course and know what to take next Sept. Stayed in house most of the day. Steel guitar is coming well to me. Wrote letter to Homer Hodge at Camp Grant

January 2, 1919, Thursday

Up at 1 PM. Hlen B here to visit Anna for a while. Drove to town. Gentleman of leisure. Haircut at civilian rates. Ha ha. Shopping. Civilian overcoat to cleaner and presser. Still in job clothes. Stood car too near a corner so -PINCHED- no fine- first time. Went over to F.M.C. to see chief clerk Case & Supt job. -will give me job at le per soon as possible. First chance. So will not attend "U"until September now. Had chat over phone with Bulger. card from Clarence lost. L home on 4th.

January 1, 1919, Wednesday

Slept till 1 PM. NO RESOLUTIONS (NOR BAD HABITS)? Celebrated till 6 am with Ruth S. danced at K.C. enlisted men's dance till 12:30 then at Masonic till 4:30. With 2 married couples. Her relatives me had breakfast at Thompson's at 5 AM. Beat them home in flurries.