February 25,1919 Tuesday

Late by 10 min. took streetcar for the 1st time. Rainy. Pay-day. At 4-20 asked for a raise in pay, at 4-30 granted, starting yesterday. $60 voted to each service man by Congress. Out with Thomp for last time. Don't agree.

February 24, 1919 Monday

To work after a two day rest. Studied Russian vocabulary during lunch half hour, Lacked time to study. Willard was over. He's a steel guitar hound.

February 23, 1919 Sunday

Occured at 2nd and Pine. Bent fender broke headlight lens, bent starting crank & radiator fins. Straightened all out today. Dad better today. Got to C.E. too late so went to Lib & Strand actress.

February 22, 1919 Saturday

WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. No workee. Slept late then too a drive to Silver lake with Miss Linder picked ferns and pussy willows. I bumped into a machine at 10 P.M. First accident------

February 21, 1919 Friday

To MC & Southwick dance with Bill and Fred. Danced till 1. Had fair time. Took a flock of folks home. Looked in at four other dances.

February 20, 1919 Thursday

Work & to Russian class.

February 19, 1919 Wednesday

More work. Skipped public speaking class because of no preparation for talk. To Liberty with Willard, saw "Girl Dodger" Dad in bed with Pleurisy.

February 18, 1919 Tuesday

Pay day (not in Navy either) Out with Miss Thompson. Lots of fun. I drive to and from work. One man always rids to town with me and sometimes more.

Februry 17, 1919 Monday

To work at 8 now. Sailor guards leave the plant. I have been on three jobs already and ma still learning others. Soldering coils. Russian class.

February 16, 1919 Sunday

Studied for a few hours then to C.E. and home again to read some more. Mabel was over for dinner.

February 15, 1919 Saturday

Work only till 11-30 on Saturday. Took ma down to dentist. Then on errands about town myself. Met Bill & Willard. Went to Lotus Club dance with Miss Thompson also to dance at Benson's.

February 14, 1919 Friday

Up early at 6-15. Work at 7-30. To start on new job at Kilbourne & Clarke Mfg. Co. makers of wireless sets. Foremen of assembly dept , Roll is Chief Radio Electrician from France. Card from Clarence.

February 13, 1919 Thursday

Worked on car- reverse and fasteners. To town, to Ford M. Co, to J.A. saw all the old teachers I knew, there. Russian class. Brot flowers & candy-flowers for Clarence to Anita P. an ideal girl spent evening with her.

February 12, 1919 Wednesday

LINCOLN'S OWN. Business more normal. Got a job at Kilbourne-Clarke Friday if I wish to take it. Make wireless sets. Took Fred down later, not hired but told him to come back. To Liberty. First speech in Public Speaking "Life in the Navy."