March 9, 1919 Sunday

Slept in till 2 A.M. Much needed sleep. Studied all day. Let C.E. meeting on temperance ques. Spoke at Demob service at church. Did well. 44 stars - 10 men present. Took Wavers to Westlake. Letter to Clarence Russ & Daisy.

March 8, 1919 Saturday

Work till 12 - then home & clean up quick and to barber., to Liberty bond chief to F.M.C. met Myrtle Rowe just in from Renton got of car. She and her sister and Sgt. Kaneo to Paw

March 7, 1919 Friday

Rain everyday for a month. Are tearing down brewery across the way from us. To library to write up talks. Company at home playing cards. I was too busy.

March 6, 1919 Thursday

To Russian class in evening 6 to 9. Stayed for both classes. At work I am doing benchwork sitting on a stool. Lack exercise. Solder & make coils.

March 5, 1919 Wednesday

Studied at work. Getting to be habit. Gave talk at public speaking class on "World Finance." Did better than before. To library for a while. To Strand "Boots"

March 4, 1919 Tuesday

Disappointed becasue raise in pay did not take effect till March 1. Election day. Polled my first votes for councilman Moore, Thomson & Fitzto Ea Nutter & Willard after work.

March 3, 1919 Monday

Mr. Weaver was over. He said Clarence had been discharged and could come home. He is making $125 a month making pictures. Russian class. No time to write letters.

March 2, 1919 Sunday

Worked on car. Fixed speedo. To Liberty alone then to C.E. Named leader for next Sunday. Home to study. Got a tough week coming. 2 Russian classes & 3 speeches.

March 1, 1919 Saturday

Paid auto license fee of $10 for 1920. Got # 15 because I was one of first ones. Office force got up to #12. To work until 12 - then downtown errands. Went shopping for house. To Moore Valeska Swatt & to Bon with Dode Conner. fine gal Blemma.

February 28, 1919 Friday

Last day of the month. Much rain of late. Spent a night at home writing and pressing clothes. Got blanks for auto license to fill out at home. Fred is never home evenings hardly.

February 27, 191 Thursday

Used bus to work again. Saves much time. Never get tired at work altho work fast and steady. Home and shave changed clothes & eat and back to town by 6 for Russian class. Stayed till 9.

February 26, 1919 Wednesday

63rd C.A.C. arrive in New York. Much rain again. Took street car but on time this time. Public speaking class. I talked 5 minutes on court martial. Made date with Erma Doerror for Senior Ball. Mel & with Dode Conner.